MBBO #04! Voting time!

Sep 7, 2014
Columbus OH
So buying parts is OK I assume...just no working on the bike...what about thinking about it?.......Looking at it?:21:

Planning something easy, cheap-(er) and weird.

I'm calling mine the musclepunk because this musclepunk I know sent me to get a seat for him and I got to keep the bike that came with it. :p

Hopefully I can keep the spending a little lower this time but it's not easy. It's like they say if someone ever gives you a free Porsche it will be the most expensive one you own.

Man a whole month...guess I'll wait a while before i go visit my favorite musclpunk's vault.:D
Jun 3, 2012
arkansas city,kansas
i wish i had welding skillz and parts , i would of build a "Oldsmobile toronado" ispired bike , the first and only fwd musclecar/bike ;) haha
o ma would I love to see one of those
one of my earlier cars was a 66 tornado and I loooved that car!!! comfy fast and yes first successful fwd although cord had the fwd idea back in the 30's oldsmobile perfected it mine had the 455 rocket shoulda seen the kids faces when I did a front wheel brakestand lol ahhh memories
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Sep 15, 2013
Leroy NY
Cool , I am in , need to start finding parts and pieces , Luke are the rules the same as last year , must meet two out of three things , big tire , tall bars and a nannaer seat
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Apr 14, 2015
Check this out , for all you old school muscle bike gear heads get you some inspection !!!! This is when bikes started to get really cool & custom . What happened , bike now are all about how many gears , shifters , brakes & Chinese made crap you can put on a bike & hope it last at least one year !!!!!

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