Mar 28, 2011
Norfolk Va
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Went for a bikes pickup today.
Paid up on this pair. Both came from a PA. estate.
The Schwinn is a 48.
Haven't dated the DP Harris/Snyder/Rollfast yet.

Here's the Harris/Snyder/Rollfast serial, perhaps someone with the tools can give me the year.

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Oct 5, 2015
Kalifornia / Toes Beach
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I believe that in 1942, D.P. Harris introduced new frames; streamlined down tube for men, and a single short support bar for ladies, (and larger tanks).
The new frames were offered with the deluxe models, and perhaps old stock for the intermediate and economy models. Not sure when they dropped the drop-stands.
So, that might indicate a pre-war bike. [My 47 & 49 Snyder frames are both the ladies' (then) new style].