Mad Hammer... Better late than never

Feb 18, 2007
Seattle Wa.
Loving the coment's

So your 15 days is coming up.
September 7th and so far your on time "BUT" you still have one more little task to perform Yes thats Right you must perform one more task that in bicycle builds is the make or brake task, Look in your E-mail boxes Tuesday for whats next.

Rat-Roder's this is a task for the Two Teams
;Team-x and The Black smith's to perform and should tell of there builds for YOU the Judges of Rat-Builds to start your Voting on.
Please keep your Votes to your Self's and on Thursday the 4th of September you can start posting you vote's as we will print them up and display your word's plus Vote's on the Big screen TV out door's for others to See and wach During the Show.
Final votes will be talleyed up @ 5:00pm September 7th, then The Awards show Begin's let the better team win.

Swap meet starts at 10:00am
Show-n-Shine starts at 12:00pm
BBQ and Band's all day: the line up as follow's
Bullet in your head [my-space]
Naked Bacon [my-space]
Circus contraptions [my-space]
Slim Pickens [my-space]
Rat City Rukus
Squish [my-space]
You can hear the band's on my space and of course
Meet All 12 of this years Renagade Muscle Calendar Girls signing their pictures and [did I mention a Kissing booth?]
and Also you will see a performance by the Bicycle Bell's drill team.
Also appearing The Builder from North West Chopper's he'l be one of the Judges and will be signing autographs through out the day.
and did I mention the photographers from national magazines ie: car/bike/Bicycle/low ride/chopper ect will be taken pictures for the up coming X-mass issues?
So if this is not enough for you then Stay tooned for the Award show for theres a few thing's that will happen that will simply knock your sock's off.
Skid King.
Apr 23, 2007
Long Beach So Cal
MonsterMetal said:
Well I am a fast learner. :? I am concerned about paint. Painting and especially paint design/graphics is not my strong point. I know that with a poor color choice and crappy paint all the cool fabrication will be pointless. I really like the look of the bare steel but it looks a little to unfinished. Id like to figure out some color scheme and get her pinstriped in a 50's style
What you did with that bike is amazing! I wish i had the know how to machine and shape metal the way you do. I would just leave the bike like that to show off the work you put into it.

Finished filling the seams and sanding filler today...

In primer...

And staring the "finish" primer

Man that body filler is a reall nasty SOB to work with... My fingers are all raw from sanding the corners.. Took a good 10 hours to fill and sand... It probably shoulnt take that long if you knew what you where doing...

Donor bike forthe wheels.... 3 speed sturny HD worksman... with full crustification...

And here is what she looks like in full mock up...

I really like the worksman wheels... thru axle front.. wide hoops, heavy spokes... Make a good board tracker wheel..

On board Rat-O-Meter

Shifter and cables...

Crank side drive train..

Drive side

Alot of work for 15 days (seems to me anyway)

I got a few days left to do some detail stuff and see if I can find a buddy willing to give her some stripes...
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Dec 14, 2007
Austin, TX
:shock: Just when I thought I had seen the craziest stuff in this build off... :shock: This really takes the cake for raw engineering creativity, I am still trying to figure out how it all works. I think video will definitely be needed. The look of it... man, almost looks like it should be spitting fire...
Aug 17, 2008
Give us an update Larry. How goes the build? Team X is still making headway but there are quite a few details we have in mind which we may or may not get around to by the new photo shoot date (Thurs next). I am scheduled for court on that day and may need to have another member of the team represent the bike at the event. We still plan to kick your ... by the way. But dont be discouraged, your bike is looking sweeter every time I see it.
Best of luck metal head...
Feb 18, 2007
Seattle Wa.
OK Guy's theam-x and Team Blacksmiths
Thursday the 4th of September at Alki Tavern is you day to Shine,
Start's at 6:00pm New Begin is giving a party in your names to see your build to the public and to get pictures of the build's.
Good job
Look in your e-mail boxes
Renagade Muscle.
Feb 14, 2008
larry, dude that bike is totally awsome. tell ya all what, larry says he doen't know what he is doing, sure ok, keep saying that, he knows what he is doing. i've been to his shop, seen his stuff, oh yeah, he has a very creative mine plus the talent to go with it. hope i can make it to the party thur. nite. you rock dude.

Outlaw 8)
Feb 18, 2007
Seattle Wa.
Well even though Out law hes only seen Larry's shop he has not made it out to the Team-X shop there is an invite for him to go and explore the working's of a Bike/stodio/hang out/ art space
so Out law you should take the time to head up to the Team-X shop's for a little look in bicycle building.....
Renagade Muscle
Skid King
Feb 14, 2008
i know i know, i need to talk with you too. just been working an some other things that have taken time away. not enough hrs in the day. i'll try an get ahold of rick tommorow an get there

Outlaw 8)
Well I Picked up the bike today from my pinstripe buddy... I like it. Not over done but now looks more "finished. Was having problems with the little finger shifter so I tossed it and scratch built a suicide shifter with some cool brackets... Oh and I installed the luggage rack today....

Skid King says I cant post my "finish" pictures They want to unveil the bike at the show. I am trying to get him to allow a few..

And I hoisted her up on the scale... 76 lbs. Tank is what comes to mind. She still is pretty easy to ride though. I had her flyin down a hill today in high gear and it is a little spooky trying to get 266 lbs stopped from 30 miles an hour with just a coaster brake. She sure rides nice. I'll have to build the next one out of Titanium so I can keep her under 50 lbs..