Ledge 3.1 (now 7 speed w/ Megarange)

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Aug 30, 2013
Crossville, IL
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You ever progressing with repairs and upgrades. You're making me feel very slow. If I'm able I want to put the new chain my my Heavy Duti and put the back wheel on.
Jun 22, 2014
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Repairs are annoying; upgrades are kind of fun but I'd rather be working on my vintage bikes.
The bike I'm currently working on was a $300 Costco bike that I got for my GF but she didn't use it. I used it to go longer rides when my other daily bike was down here & there. I'd say it has maybe 50 miles on it. And before it even went 10 miles it got upgrades (SRAM 3.0 shifters and rd from a trek as well as a Megarange freewheel).
Right now I'm checking/ adjusting the tru of the wheels, replacing inner brake cables, adjusting brakes, adjusting derailers, and anything that seems a bit off.
Need to go find some red finger nail polish to touch up chips in the paint.
Hoping to finish adjusting before bed then give it a good cleaning before posting on craigslist.

A small update on the bike I'm getting ready to sell... After a ton of work the thing seems to be dialed in (still need a riding test) but it even shifts to its 34t Megarange cog in all 3 chainrings. This thing has stupid gearing.
From 3:1 in highest gearing all the way down to 0.82:1 in the lowest gearing.

The thought went threw my head that if this had the 11t-34t Megarange it would be a sickening 3.82:1 for the highest gearing & 0.82:1 in the lowest gearing.

Either way this thing has tooooo many gears for my needs lol.
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