Jul 22, 2009
Carmichael, CA
Well from the day I started my build I felt the pressure to get it done, get it done. Hey, its my first build off... Now I realize I can (kind of) put things on cruise control since there was obviously plenty of time to get things done. Either way, I'm just happy I finished and finished with the vision I had from the start. I've always wanted a Newsboy Special frame and when I saw it come up for sale I knew I had to have it for the build off. After that, I knew I wanted a bike in Porsche sepia brown with a springer fork, Jerald slicks, bobbed fenders, chopped bars, coke bottle grips and some BMX style stem & pedals. It was a blast to build, with some hiccups along the way that were handled with a little fab work and ingenuity...

In order to fit the Jerald slick on the rear, the upper and lower stays were widened by 3/4" and if you look at the pics, it looks as factory as can be. For the front Slick to be fitted (without rubbing the fender and throwing me over the bars!! That story is in the build thread..) the rockers for the rat-trap springer were extended so the axle mounting was dropped by one inch. This gave plenty of clearance for the springer to work with the slick. Also If you notice, Lackluster has no fender brace on the rear. I wanted a clean look without them so I chose to mount the top of the fender to the center bar of the integrated rear rack. The fender I used is a deep Monark fender which didn't quite fit the curve of the tire without interference from the center bar of the rack. A contour of the top of the fender was ground out of the rack's center tube until the fender fit properly, then welded up. The front stubby fender was made out of the leftover Monark section after bobbing the rear fender.. Overall, all of the custom touches to this build came out very clean, smooth and factory like.

It's been fun getting to know a lot of the builders in the build off the last couple months and I look forward to next years build off too! There are lots of great builds here and I gained inspiration from several of them. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of such a great experience!

You can see LACKLUSTER's build thread >>>HERE<<<

I want to thank my good friend Jenna Berry for doing the photo shoot. The location was perfect.
Some of the pictures you can click on to see in full size.

Jan 2, 2012
Sweet,smooth n creamy all rolled into one...This bike suits you down to a T...Photos are brilliant,would look great in a calendar :wink: I think this years comp is not going to be easy to judge...


I build stuff.
Jul 1, 2010
Roanoke Rapids, NC
I still think you have too much luster to have that name, but anyway it looks great! Wish I could pull off painting like you did. Thanks to your photos I have a new wallpaper on my computer... don't worry, it's not one with you in it, that would be creepy.
outstanding, my friend. Paint is stellar and the photography is perfect. The bike flows well and looks like it was made that way. Good job.
This build-off, like last year's, is going to be tough one to vote for just a top three.

Dec 22, 2011
Dayton, Ohio
Being a photographer, I total enjoyed the pics. I also like it when the builder gets in the picture....it sort of brings it all together in some wierd way.

This is one of my favorite frames. I love the paint/color. Honestly, I get so wrapped up in black that I don't experiment with colors enough. I love this bike and it is on my short list for sure.
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