Klunker ideas..

Sep 20, 2010
Grand Rapids, MI
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I wanna build a klunker style bike can you guys that have built them post your pics and tell me what kind of frame I should start looking for? Thanks for all the input. 8)
Jan 24, 2009
Grand Rapids, MI
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also check outAlan Bonds' site http://clunkers.net/ tons of inspiration there too.
here's one I put together last summer. 67 schwinn cantilever

I got a '40 CWC I'm putting together as one for this coming summer.
Put up a build thread when you get started
I look forward to seeing somebody else klunking around GR soon. 8)


I build stuff.
Jul 1, 2010
Roanoke Rapids, NC
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JaxRhapsody said:
So a clunker is a offroad beach cruiser?
I guess you could say that, but I wouldn't. :mrgreen: The term Klunker is used to refer to the bikes that were built for off-road use that eventually evolved into mountain bikes. They basically used what they had, ballooner bikes and they used whatever parts they could to make them beefy. They mostly did downhills with them, if you really want to know more, rent the movie Klunkerz, it will school you.
Oct 15, 2008
Crystal Beach, TX
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Once you check out these posts, you see that the beach cruiser style frame is the common ingredient. Front brakes may be drum or rim. Drive trains were single speed, derailleur and internal hub 2 and 3 speeds. Stock forks, springer forks and fork struts were used. As said above, real klunkers were downhill bikes, so they weren't concerned with climbing hills. My klunker is far from a true clunker, as I used an aluminum frame and some modern components to make it more enjoyable for trail riding (not just downhill).