Klunker Contestants Check In.

Sep 30, 2011
Long Island, NY
Missed this thread and decided on a Klunker late in the game...but here is mine a 59 Columbia Middleweight. Most new parts from RRB members including a 7 speed rear coaster, 3 piece crank, stainless chain, 3 inch rise bars and a front drum brake. I am very happy with this bike and it rides like a dream...and slides good too !!!


SLIDE !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 22, 2013
Virginia Beach, VA
My build will be finished this weekend, one way or another. Hoping I can find a suitable tire for the 3 speed wheel but if not it will be a single speed, which is disappointing. Will have to wait until next week for an action photo unless I just do it on the boardwalk at the beach, which is not as dramatic. :roll:
May 4, 2012
Oregon high desert
couple more slides for your consideration

trailer slide

will try to get some video of my super secret slide spot when I get back in a couple days!!!

Apr 8, 2007
Encinitas, SoCal
Even though this has been called a skid, the picture was taken in mid corner, it's more of a trail brake maneuver like this portion of vid from documentary Klunkerz (my $ copy signed by Billy)

I tried one yesterday, but the location was too flat at the apex and goes to uphill