Jan 30, 2012
El Lago, TX
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Before & After:

CWC Hawthorne parted by Kirkpatrick & brought back to life...



Worksman Alloy HD Wheelset, Single Speed Shimano Coaster Brake
Kenda K-RAD 26" x 2.35" Tires
Akisu Stem & Akisu BMX Cruiser forks from 80s
Wald Bars
Crane Bell
Ame Grips
Schwinn forged cranks & sprocket from 60s
VP Bear Trap Pedals
Solid aluminum seat post
Odessy BMX Clamp
Brooks B66
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Feb 26, 2017
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Can't find any specific coaster discussion thread so I'll ask here,

This site lists the Shimano coaster as the best of the modern (ie available new) hubs. Would people here agree with that?

I'm in the UK so Bendix isn't really an option unless I buy from US ebay.

I'd need to replace the axle with a longer one to fit my modern, 135mm spaced frame.
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The problem with CWC frames for single speed Klunking is the curved chain stays. The chain rubs on the chain stay with small chain rings. They work good with a rear derailleur though. I currently have 1930s Colson, 1940 Schwinn, 1950s Columbia and 1930s Shelby based Klunkers. The Schwinn rides the best. In the past I also had a 1940s Columbia, a 1950s Schwinn Excelsior and the 1930s CWC. The 1940s Columbia was used as a race bike and is being converted back to a street cruiser. The CWC and Excelisor I gave away as the Excelsior didn't fit me well and the CWC didn't ride single track as well as the other's. I used the CWC a lot for many years on single track with 30 x 22 coaster gearing. The chain rubbed slightly and the bottom bracket was so low I ended out using a 5.5 inch crank from a kids bike. There are many CWC frames and others I have spoken with didn't have the problem with pedal strikes, but I ride some pretty rough trails. I had a ton of fun with this bike and rode it several times a week on single track. I donated it to the Chicago Tail Draggers Club and they raffled off a cruiser bike they built around this frame. It's good to keep them alive in any form and I'm happy to see you enjoying your bike. Klunk on.
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I have put Morrow and Bendix coaster brake arms on other coaster brakes. Morrow and Bendix are interchangeable but require welding mods to fit the Shimano. The Shimano has excellent modulation, powerful braking and the guts are easily replaced. I built an Excelsior based Klunker and used an early Bendix with a Morrow brake arm.