KING KLUNKSTER - Penultimate Klunker

Sep 28, 2009
Denver, CO
For starters, here’s a before pic taken after I picked it up in 2009

Build thread

And here he is now, my first build off bike.


For anyone that can't view the photos (they're hosted at which is sometimes blocked), here's a photo bucket link/album Klunkster/

It was a nice bike to begin with, but just never was my style. I killed the rear fender wheelying (spelling?) so the fenders were off of it. Then later I just decided I didn't like the look too much so I didn't ride it as often.

The inspiration came around after I picked up the wheels on craigslist in June. I hadn't planned on building this bike, but when I realized I had some pretty sick parts laying around not doing anything, I figured I could build something pretty sweet.

Turns out I built my version of a ferrari. I've ridden it in a chainless downhill race (finished 24th our of hundreds), rode it 20+ miles in a 24 hour race (then switched to a bike with a more comfortable seat), commuted on it, and did a 35 mile ride on it this last tuesday through wind and rain. All this before I had a chance to take some pictures. I'm proud to say it's held up very well =).

Frame: 2006 Raleigh Retroglide 7
Fork: 1997 Girvin Cross-Link (from proflex 657) - Started out red, was stripped, then polished
Rear suspension: Bike Control Shockster
wheels: Spinergy Rev x Roks XE
cranks: stock 1 piece
chainring: murray gold i bought from d.rock
rear derailleur: XTR 8 Speed
shifter: XTR
Brakes: XTR
handlebars: clubman motorcycle
grips: gold glitter
seatpost: stock
seat: Bianchi Leopard with logos removed
paint: Duplicolor semi-gloss black

for proof it's rideable =) skip to 3:00 and you'll catch a glimpse of me in the 24 hour race on it in crested butte.
May 29, 2011
OK. We have a were-bike (Fat Rat), a Frankenstein bike. This one reminds me of Dracula: clad in black with underlying sex appeal. Love the wheels & scary backgrounds. ........ I just hope there are no reanimated Egyptian bikes or ugly, misunderstood Phantoms coming up. This build is starting to get scary like Universal in the 30's. A great build, great machine. Good job!
Sep 28, 2009
Denver, CO
bighit said:
Is that the shockster I was selling?
nope. I ended up finding a brand new in box one for cheap. I remember reading about them in mountain bike action in high school and thinking they look cool, but 3 pounds is a lot of weight on a mtn bike. Not too much weight on a cruiser though. I actually have another one currently on it's way to me and I got another girvin too last week so now I'll be able to make a twin to this bike (yeah,it rides THAT good).

I took the shots with a sony dslr a230 that I got in a trade for a bike. I wish I knew how to use it better actually.

I like the dracula concept =). Thanks for the compliments
Jun 29, 2009
This is VERY cool! I'm lovin' the industrial/mechanical/robotic feel to it...really nice job!

(...but do you realize that the word "penultimate" means "second to last"???)
Sep 28, 2009
Denver, CO
I'm always hoping something better will come. So for now, it's penultimate. Perhaps the parts I got for another one will indeed make the ultimate. Or maybe I just have some changes in mind for this guy that I couldn't do in time. Either way, for now, this is my King.
Jul 13, 2009
Hollister, CA
Of the three cruisers turned mountain bike/streetfighter, I think this one used the best combination of parts and finish. A modern 3 piece or even a 2 piece crank would take it even further. Got one of my votes.