Junker Klunker II

Feb 6, 2008
central MS.
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You should have no trouble finding enough parts, just look in your for sale adds. :) I like that name, wish I'd thought of that one.
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Rat Rod said:
What about that U-Haul bike you had...wasn't that yours?
thats a good point, but im still going through ideas

the thing is, i want to actually take this thing through mud...thick mud. So i thought i needed more selection in the rear for gears. I cant get a 5 speed wheel on the U-Haul.

ill figure it out by tomorrow...
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Ok...since the forks i want to use wont fit on ANY of the frames i want to use...im ditching those and:

I will be using the U-Haul
(hopefully all of you remember)
this will be more of the BMX type klunker...rather than the MTB type.

This would be it as found:

not alot has changed since i bought it
just cleaned the chrome...put some different parts on it too.
ill get a new picture of it tomorrow, depending on the weather.

Right now, it needs new tires, chrome cleaned again, some new spokes, and some new parts.
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allright, well in classes today i daydreamed about the bikes.
My plans are to use the U-haul for sure, new paint(bright yellow) with old school bmx type parts...maybe some gold. I know for sure there will be blue...

Now what i thought would be cool is there will be TWO Junkers...junker I and junker II
junker I will not be entered for the buildoff
Re: Junker Klunker I

Ok...so more has happend...
as of right now...the Junker II will be an Evans interceptor...It will be a single speed, since i wont be able to find the same style wheels in 3 speed.
the name will be Evans Interceptor 400 JI

now...on the other hand The one im entering will be the U-Haul Junker II...if i didnt allready state that
Well...going to have to call it quits

The deadline is tomorrow, and i cant paint...its raining. School is tomorrow, and wont be home until 2:30/3:00
im 80%done cleaning the chrome on the U-Haul(Junker II)
As i was putting the crank in, i figured out i dont have all the hardware for the sugino crank i had in mind. I was never able to order my gumwall tires.

As for the Junker I, i rode it...and i realized its prettymuch unridable because the neck wont go on the fork good enough to hold tight.

This is the second time i couldnt finish a project

I hate you school