Jerald Slick may make a 20" tire! Need your help!

Jun 11, 2012
Visalia, CA
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Muscle Bikers! Have you ever seen or used a Jerald Sulky? I have, as you can see below. I've been speaking to them and they are looking into making a couple of options for their 26x2.125 and 24x2.126 flat tread tires. They made a short run of 26" White Walls which will be for sale. As soon as I have info I'll share it. They are also looking at bring back the white wall for the 24" and 26" permanently, and also adding red lines as an option. In addition, they have a small need for a 20" tire for their cart racing community, but need more economic viability.


I've started a petition to show them the interest in our bicycle community. They know very little about us. Please sign it, and have your friends sign it as well!

@Rat Rod Steve, I'd like to put them in touch with you for possibly supporting RRB through advertisements. Can you PM me contact information?

Here's the petition!

And here's one of my Jerald Slick bikes. Post a picture of your own so I can share it with them!

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