It’s a bird

Some progress on the jig:
the bottom bracket centering worked out well. This is a better method than I’ve used in the past (many of which didn’t work out well.)

I usually just mount the headtube onto the fork for positioning to tack, similar to how the rear dropouts are mounted. So, that’ll be the easy route unless I come up with a more fosistocated method.

Benefits of using hand tools:
1.) Slow progress means more spotting errors before they get away from you.
2.) None of that burnt-metal smell and mess.
3.) Warms you up in a cold garage.
4.) One arm gets a serious workout. :showingbiceps:



So I hope you can see what I’m doing here. The positioning may not be just right yet, but there ya go. Needs shaping on the back side , axle slot, and a fender mount hole.
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Well, as far as progress, I slotted the chain stays today, and they’ll sit nicely against the BB in the jig.

Also drilled & cut the front dropouts. They’re further back than originally drawn (black marker) and should work woth the nut. I’ll have to be sure the weld bead isn’t too big. Good I TIG. (rhyme time!:grin:)
(yes, you astute observers, that is a rear wheel. — a spare used for axle fit testing)

Looking at the work schedule for the rest of the month, might not have much happening. March will be hectic if I want to push this through.
Well folks,
I'm gonna go ahead and throw in the towel on this one. I knew it was a long shot from the get-go, and looking at my work schedule, it just ain't gonna happen. I have a nice pile-o-tubes if time permits for the big BO this summer, or, as I usually say, I'll be smart and find an already assembled frame to turn into a bike! (and maybe actually finish!) Good luck to everyone, I'll be watching, and voting. :cool2: