It’s a bird

I’ve not seen that one before, but I might give it a try. I have the HF notcher, but it’s not perfect, and I really wish there were fine-toothed hole saws that weren’t of machine shop premium pricing. Always a fair bit of cleanup with the notcher. Nova cycle supply has a similar calculator on their site, (which I also haven’t used.) This is a good vid of notching with neither calc nor notcher:
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Some work on chainstays today.

An upward bend to bring them up from the BB to maintain an axle-axle visual line.

A second bend to make the proper lateral spacing. Compound bends are tough, especially doing them by sight/feel and nothing but a conduit bender!

But, some patience & a little grinder work later, they’re notched to attach to the BB.

I’ll slot them where they’ll attach to the dropouts, then slot and shape the tube for behind the dropout that attaches to the seatstays... Another day.

Eventually, the weather will warm, I’ll set up my welder and the jig, then start sticking it all together. Eventually.
Centering cones:

Solid brass low-flow shower head, $16


1/2” bolt fits perfectly. Some washers & nuts & ta-da!

A close fit on a standard 1-1/2” O.D. bottom bracket. (There are smaller sizes, so be sure to get the larger shower head of you try this.) Works even better on the smaller O.D. 1” head tube. Would work on standard head tubes for 1-1/8” steerers, too, as they’re typically 1-1/2” O.D., but probably not the oversize ones.

I still need to arrange a fixture for mounting to my jig, but this is a start.

FWIW, sells frame jigs for motorcycles, and will sell only the centering cones for bike builders. 3 cones for $73 = $24 ea, (or 5 for 120) so, I only saved $8 or less each for this hack method, but thought I’d share anyway.