May 27, 2010
Queens, NY
BUILDERS LOG - July 31st, 1910.

After a long ... build the Indian is complete. This has been a labor of LOVE and HATE, but mostly out of a desire to improve building & fabrication and ANGER. Had a bummer kickstand mishap but all is well. Everyone elses builds look good, best of luck to all. check the chop. note to self from now on: fresh paint is SOFT. for some reason the pics are gettin cut off, if you want I can post em smaller. this should do for now. its been way too long of a day working out small details.

Started with this:

Ended up with this: Took some ratty photos for the rust-heads. you can see the old bopper in the background of one.

May 20, 2010
Unbelieveable detail! True justice to the iconic Indian Chief M/C. Now your ride is legend.