If only the buildoff had a centralized meeting place...


Double L's Steel Crank'n Vintage Rustorations
Oct 26, 2012
Anderson, Indiana
Man.....a lot of thought provoking tangents to consider on the possibility of B.o. races of some sorts. So much to consider...I think the 100' slow drags would be cool with the entrants....just think...."poetry in motion"...."kinetic art" .....plenty of time to visually examine as they are attempting to stay rubber side down......that would be the ticket. Last man across the line wins!! Even my overweight bike & rider would have a snowball's chance! Anyway, that is something each of us could sponsor or put on within our own area to spread the interest in Rat-Rodding as an enjoyable, healthy, art form>>>>>just saying....
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Sep 14, 2013
Bradley Illinoiz
Between the three bikes I've built/modded here, and my Canondale, which is a sweet modified tourer, it's a toss up what gets ridden the most. That said, the fat tire HeadBanger is slowww. The Difference Engine is a lightweight archbar singlespeed racer anyway... But Little Neutrino is a single speed tank that can roll! We have mild inclines here too, and while I don't love cranking up one, my cruiser will if need be. Mine are all RIDERS. (and artsy ;))

May 20, 2010
A very expensive hat rack.

Bicycles are a source of transportation. If you can't transport...it's not a bike. It's a sculpture with wheels attached.
With that logic why have these build offs; just do restorations.