Huffy Thunder Road pic! Anyone else have one of these?

Jan 28, 2009
I do not have a pic but I had a Huffy Bandit. It looked like a Trans Am. It was black with gold rims and gold stripes and these funky leveled fenders. Even the tires had big triangle shaped treads Very similar to the bikes pictured. I have to say it wasnt the coolest bike in 77 but I rode it trying to think of ways to make it like a BMX bike.
Jan 23, 2008

The one that caught my eye was the lonely chrome cruiser all the way on the back/right w/ v-bars. :mrgreen:
Feb 6, 2010
i have a thunder road all origional and im looking to sell if the price is good
mine has the number plates, the origional seat, the plastic fenders, the racing stripes,
origional rims, and the ORIGIONAL forks NOT THE ONES WITH SHOCKS
Aug 1, 2010
Hi guys! Happy share with you my 1978 Huffy Thunder Road, recently restored by me. The story is similar to many I read here. Santa Claus brought me this bike at Christmas 1978, when I was 8 years old (now I have 46). Some time ago I received a call from my father, who told me that cleaning your garage (full of Willys Jeep parts), between all that he found my first Huffy bicycle. I ran to look for it and after many many hours of effort the weekends, I just finish it as it was in '78. Now I see happy it as my 9 year old daughter enjoys it every sunday. With pleasure I invite you to comment and share on facebook page I created to describe this process of restoration, and that filled me with beautiful memories. Greetings from Santiago de Chile! Gonzalo.

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