Huffy 3 Speed and unrelated tire question...

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Picked this up pretty cheap from CL. Huffy Chesapeake with a Shimano 3CC coaster brake. I know they're not the greatest but at least it is in good working order. Almost bought a similar bike last week, single speed, but had second thoughts. Glad I waited or I'd be kicking myself. (I really like 3 Speeds). I like the slanted top frame tube.
Any idea the age of this bike?
Unrelated tire question - Have a really nice condition pair of WTB Tyrannoraptor 52/54 (26 x 52/54). Very aggressive looking tread. What rim will these fit? I realize the 52/54 is probably millimeters, (in inches = 2.125). Will they fit normal 26" balloon tire rims?
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Apr 1, 2014
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What you are probably looking for (everyone but middleweight Schwinn) is 559 mm bead dia.
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Thanks! Both questions answered. Additionally I found on Sheldon Brown's that WTB's (Wilderness Trail Bikes) measurements conform to the Global Measuring System, and should fit either of the two rims I may use.
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