Huff In Paint~ '55 Huffy Customliner

Jul 26, 2011
San Antonio, TX

Here's the finished product, satin black 1955 Huffy Customliner.
My starting point;

From there I stripped it down to bare metal, shot and sanded 3 coats of red oxide primer, topped that with Rustoleum satin black, further flattened with steel wool. I stripped the front side of the chainguard bare left some red on the flip and underside.
I threw some Duro brick red tires on the rebuilt Wald wheelset, recovered an era correct Persons saddle with some Mexican blanket, and put some green glitter grips on the original bars. This has been a fun build and a great bike for casual neighborhood cruising in the end.
To everyone involved with this build off, whether administrative or as a participant, thanks for your hard work, it's always fun seeing the ideas swimming around in you folk's heads.