how would i make a dual chain bike?


Nov 17, 2012
Broken Hill, Australia
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It actually does not have to be expensive if you are handy with a welder...

Just grab two matching chainwheels, weld one to each crank arm, either build a dual thread hub out of two normal hub drive ends or buy a flip flop, you should move your bottom bracket across a little, but it is not by much and you probably could get away with not doing it. Two matching single speed freewheels, must be the same brand and tooth count, thread the normal side one on normally and the other one backwards, add a little loctite to its threads or place a tack weld between it and the thread once it is on. Ensure your two chains are identical length and brand, you can not get away with one new and one old, it just does not work and you will end up with one side slacker than the other.

I run no extra tensioners, have no chain slack issues, the wheel does up straight in the frame, there is no wierd noises or grabbing and it sounds great on the overrun when freewheeling due to them both clicking away...

P3090010 by LukeTheJoker, on Flickr

Paxti is right about the weird harmonics between the cranks when pedalling super fast but I really don't notice it much when riding, if you hold the bike up by the front wheel and spin the cranks the bike will flail around like crazy though! :shock:

Really there is no benefit to it, it actually must add drag in reality, but it sure does look awesome and sounds great on the overrun! :mrgreen:

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Mar 4, 2013
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done it before for fixies, it looks shweet but weighs a decent amount more and parts are slightly harder to source and getting a nice chainline for both sides can be a pain
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So I want to rehash this. If I can get money from the bus company from my ratrod Nel Lusso(Project black bike thread) falling off the front of the bus; the money is going towards my DB Drifter1 instead(Bigger frame, aluminum, no rack, better bike) instead.

The reason I'm rehashing this is because if I do get that money, this was the plan for the DB. I have googled "dual chain bicycle hub," and cannot find any for sale. I ran across three sites that state they aren't sure when they"ll get any in stock. That said; I want to know if one of these cannot be found, could a flip flop hub be used instead? A LHD f/w is easier to get. I ran across a few threads on various boards on my search and answers are all over the place. A freewheel should clear the lockring threads and screw on the fixed sprocket threads, I'm certain.

I already have a bmx 3pc conversion, I would just need another driveside arm and two sprockets.
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