HMH Super Special Planet Hopper

OK, count me in on this build!

My kids have many bikes to ride, and they are growing fast, and I have a lot of small bike parts to use up, so I am building a bike for my Niece. If it turns out road )& kid worthy/safe) this will be her first bike! She's in to planets and stuff right now, so the plan is to mix a little space/old rocket theme/with evil kneivel & and a 30's hot-rod feel I guess...

Starting with this old kids convertible(?) Roadmaster, and plan to use misc. parts off other bikes.

Frame has top bar that moves down to make it a girls bike. (called a convertible right?)
Has 16" rims I got off another bike.

The plan is to do a mostly flat white, or satin white bike with black & purple accents, maybe a tiny bit of pink, but not much.

Basic Frame

Parts so Far:

Quick Dry Run

I am looking for a couple things if you can help, please IM me:
1.) A set of tiny hand grips for these little tricycle bars: white or black, but maybe purple...
2.) Pedals! Their are no threads in the cranks, so I guess I need bolt-on pedals? Can you still get these or should I make some?
3.) Maybe softer, small mini-banana seat or ? just not BMX style seat. White or Black.

>> I like what everyone else is doing in this build-off, this is a fun one for sure! Good luck. Cheers, T.
OK, sorry for the delay - my camera broke, and time these past few weeks was limited. I'm not sure when we have to be "done" - so just posting anyways. You folks have some great bikes being built - so congrats to you all for sure.

I ran in to a big issue with the old roadmaster convertible frame - the sprocket was PLASTIC, and when I took them apart, they broke in to pieces. I had to make several replacement sout of PVC pipe fitting, sanding, etc. to make them fit just right, but I think I finally got 'em working.

In the meantime, I went ahead and started on a second bike as backup in case these PVC things didn't work on the roadmaster, it's a tiny wally world bike from the dump - took it apart, anded, etc. but no pics cuz camera was broke - painting it semi-gloss white & flat black - anyways, here are few updated pics of both -

The Roadmaste:r

The Backup Bike:

More to come soon! Cheers, T.
OK, I know I maybe shouldn't be posting the second "back-up" bike I started in this same thread, but it's so my Niece can cone to the site and see what's going on easily. The original Roadmaster is coming along great, all painting done, etc. wil take more pics and post it soon! Sorry for confusion...

In the meantime (while I was waiting on 16" tires for Roadmaster), I finished up the "back-up" bike - it's wheels are about 12 inches. It's all satin white, and flat black. Has old BMX seat, and old balloon bike grips - kinds makes it beefy lookin' I guess. I had three mangled sets of training wheels, and put these together, painted flat black & made one of the brackets that was missing. Not much, i know but hey, this ones done. OH, used remnants of a nickel plated chain!

Thanks for looking. I promise I'll post pics of the Original Super Special Planet Hopper SOON. :)
Got all parts painted. Had to use a "lavender" to match the rims. SO it's a mix of satin & gloss paint. Tires came in, and had to buy and rig these pedals up. So far, the sprocket fix, and pedals are working A-OK (this was the hang-up on everything). Found cool/different seat. Should be done soon. Cheers, T.

Finished bike today. This was an old 70's ? cheapy Roadmaster (scroll up to see) - had more issues with this bike than any other build actually - due to the fact that a lot of the pieces were plastic and trashed - added a "deluxe" emblem off an old car, and funkier seat - HAD to add a basket to hold stuffed animals and stuff - anyways - Here are final pics! Cheers, T. Oh, I found NOS training wheels on eBay - all metal, not Wally world junk - ROCK ON!



Dec 4, 2006
Sweet little bike. I like the color choices especially the rims. I also appreciate the detail of your build pics.
Nov 18, 2007
Great job! I had to go back and look at the original bike! I thought, is that the "same" bike? That's how nice it came out!