Hardley Davison

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I've had an idea for a bike that looks like a 1930s Harley for a few years, and I've slowly been collecting parts for the build. It has evolved over the years, as originally, I was going to even include a faux-motor on it, made out of actual V-twin cylinders that I have since decided would just be heavy and unnecessary (anyone need two cylinders? I had already bought some at a swap meet when I threw out the idea). It will be a scratch built frame, with all vintage parts, a great majority of which are motorcycle parts.

Here's the final sketch:

And here's some of the parts laid out:
Feb 20, 2018
Germany, Leverkusen
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I love the idea, but I am confused with the drawing on that board. Are You going to use the design from the first picture or the one from the second picture?
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Time for a major update. The last few days, I've really pushed to get the frame together, and tacked up. It was very difficult, as using so many different tubing and pipe sizes, coupled with the odd sized exhaust pipes, etc., means that I ended up tacking, then cutting it apart, then tacking, then adjusting again, over and over until I was happy with alignment. Plus, I had to change my design a bit as I saw what was going to work for me, and what wasn't.

Anyway, it's together now, and ready to move forward with all the details to make it more motorcycle-like. I can't tell you how happy I am with the way this is looking. I'm stoked.