Guessing 90’s?

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Today I bought the red one from Craig's List that I posted a picture of above. It's a 1995 anniversary model with "less then 50 Miles on it". The former owner is 68 and bought it new to ride at his summer cabin. It works almost like new but the tires are checked and some of the chrome is rusty as it was stored in a shed. The paint is excellent and the wheels are perfectly true. It was 8 F when I test rode it. The grip shift didn't move the rear derailleur but it might be frozen from the cold. The frame is 20 inches. The derailleur and chain are rust free and the derailleur moves by hand. The plan is to put my studded tires on it and ride it on ice. I'll retire my Giant ice bike as the chain, brakes and hub are rusted very badly.
May 10, 2016
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Let us know if I was actually right...also curious about the size, I'm guessing it is a 20"er!
So... 6 months later.. I just picked this frame up tonight. It’s a 22”! 23” top tube. Not the prettiest, but I’ve already got some ideas, and I’ve had an itch to paint lately. Guess it’s a good thing I was snatching up sand streak forks with 8.5” steerer tubes for a bit there...
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