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Gidday everyone,

Well I was trying to find my build threads and decided I should do an INDEX THREAD... so this is where you will find links to my builds on this site.

Blackheart (Build Off 13 - 2018)

Quadruped (Winter Build Off 2018 - Scratch Built Class)

Retroped (Winter Build Off 2018 - Modified Class)

SIDEBOLT (Build Off 10 - 2015)

Glendular Fever (Build Off 9 - 2014)

Glenderson (Winter Build Off)

Chopster Part 2 (Muscle Bike Build Off #02)

Number 9

Rattled (Build Off 8 - 2013)

Chopster (Muscle Bike Build Off #01)

INTRO - Gidday from New Zealand
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Thanks Luke... got the idea from the link in your signature line. Shame we can't put wee images in the signatures now though... or maybe you can as a pro member? Never mind, not important.

I will be trying to tidy this page up so that it looks better.



Nov 17, 2012
Broken Hill, Australia
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I think the image/sig line thing is still getting sorted out. When the forum first upgraded you could put the biggest picture you wanted there, but it got a bit ridiculous so I think it got cut until they can figure out how to limit the sizing...

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