Get -A- Grip Loaded up & Ready

Feb 19, 2013
Toney , ALABAMA 35773
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Well I have been loading my trailer all day today. I have at least 10 bikes I need to unload at the show and I will be selling cheap!
Nothing to blow your doors off but Hey it has 2 wheels and some even have more than one gear! WOOOOHOOOO!!!!
Seriously, I would love to come home with just a few of my bikes left in the trailer. So don't be afraid to come by and make an offer. If you pick it up I don't want you to put it down. So come by shoot the_______ well you know.
Bring some cash, I don't take debit or EBT
Lots of bikes and some good parts.
I will be in the Red and Black Toyota Tundra With the big TRD down the side and a white enclosed trailer.

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