'Gas Pipe Special' - Finished at last :)

A 1950 Schwinn Hornet straight-bar that I got off Ebay. Spent a lot of time under a leaky roof by the looks off it.

The rims & spokes were a lost cause and I'm going to build a board-tracker so the fenders aren't needed either. I'm thinking Nexus-4 on the back, Brooks saddle & primer-red paint...

Took advantage of the fact that it didn't rain/hail storm in Toronto on the weekend and ground off the paint with a drill & 8 nylon wheels:

If the weather holds up tomorrow I'll attack the frame with some rattlecan primer
Re: Indi-ain't

OK, we had a couple of days without too much rain so I did a little rattle-can painting.

Primer red with a camo chocolate-brown fade, Took a couple of passes to get it right but I'm pleased wit the effect. Went over it again with a 'matte' clear-coat but it looks kinda shiny to me... Have to work on that later. Wheels got 6 coats of primer red and some clear and the forks got the brown. Notice the 'professional' paint booth.

Did a quick mock-up of the bike, special effects courtesy of my daughter's bubbles

Waiting for a headset and 1" threaded to 1-1/4" threadless adapter so that I can use a mountain-bike stem. Also I have to figure out how to bend the seatpost to mount the saddle further back. The rear wheel is a 4 speed Shimano and the lever is from Ebay.

Gonna make a tank insert out of some plywood and stain it to match the rest of the bike...
Sep 1, 2006
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Re: Indi-ain't

This looks sensational!
The fade is perfect, and color choce fits the same way. Super job.

And the bubbles made me think I was watchin' a build on Lawrence Welk... (Oops, the age thing again... :mrgreen:

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Re: Indi-ain't

Thanks for all of the feedback Guys! I wasn't sure about the colour combo when I came up with the idea on paper but now I'm glad I went with the brown/red fade.

Did a more complete mock-up today. I'm messing around with the springer steerer tube to adjust the stance of the bike. If I turn it backwards, the front drops about 4 inches . Looks cool but does something funny to the steering :)

Regular stance

Board-tracker stance

I'm probably going to switch the chain to a regular bmx, this one looks a little too shiny. Also switching the stem and painting it to match the springer. Still looking for a bent seatpost. I'll go to the local plumbing supply depot to see if some gas pipe will fit the frame and get them to bend it...
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Right now it's a little difficult to shift with the current setup but I''m hoping the bent seatpost will solve the problem. I'm thinking of grinding out the collar on the shifter and using it as the seatpost clamp to give myself a little more clearance for shifting. If I can move the seat position back maybe 5 inches then the shifter would be out of the way hopefully. It's all trial and error at this point :)