Game changer in welding?


Nov 17, 2012
Broken Hill, Australia
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That is awesome! I have been professionally welding for my entire adult life and still don't quite understand how that works, but if they can do it, that is cool!

It would be a long path down to the local hobby welder I would think, but you never know what other ideas may spring from the planning...

Apr 18, 2015
central ohio
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Set your phasers to stun Mr. Spock.

This is an interesting. Technology, as the story says it's been in progress for a while. Will be curious to see what happens with it, gonna be a long time before it gets to hobby welders though.
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While the energy consumption is considered less due to the short burst length, since it is resistance welding, the current required to bond two different alloys on the molecular level is going to be quite high. This may be an alternative for vehicle manufacturing, etc, as mentioned. However, for those of us without a 480v 3-phase outlet at home, this may not be an option. And in the off-chance that you do have your own power grid, the capacitors required for these bursts will likely be larger and more costly than what you can fit and afford for home use. But at least the technology is there. A computer would have filled my house years ago, but now I have one. Maybe this will become something else to aggravate me in the future. I hope it constantly bogs down, requires frequent updating, and maybe an AV program. Or it will go into shutdown mode just as I walk up to use it.
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Funny story actually, me and a friend being two thrill seeking but rather broke guys decided it was a good idea to get a few rental 4wd vehicles and go to Moab, Utah off-roading. I got like a '94-ish Jeep Wrangler and he got a much newer Toyota FJ cruiser. We both had a blast but I broke the rear leaf spring hanger coming off a rock and had to weld it back on.