Four Flippin Finds

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It has been a long time since I bought 4 bikes in such a short time. I got 3 on Thursday and one more last night.

1. Northstar Hybrid - If I could give this one back, I would because it is turning out to be a bigger pain that it is worth. I bought it without noticing the stem was bent and the headset was toast. I figured on overhauling the bottom bracket, replacing some cables, grips, and tires. I have most of the parts for it, but now that I have dug into it, everything I touch is fighting me. Some bikes are just stubborn.

2. Univega Alpina Sport - I bought this to part out. Someone took this old mountain bike and put a bunch of road parts to make it a commuter. It just doesn't seem well thought out and I have some decent parts to sell like the Nitto Pearl stem, Sugino TA clone crankset, Araya 7X wheelset, and Suntour Cyclone GT derailleur.

3. Free Spirit Ted Williams Road Bike - I might have paid too much for this, but it already had new tires and everything looks to be in good shape except the front brake which will be replaced by an identical Schwinn Approved unit I have. This bike was made in Germany and I am really digging the wing nut front axle.

4. Last find is this Diamondback Outlook in like new condition other than a flat tire, turn grips, and a coating of dirt. This will be an easy flip, hopefully to my 6'3" coworker.

Here is my assembly line ready for bathing:
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I'm digging the Univega. Looks pretty well thought out, to me, actually.
Mostly, I didn't like the handlebars and negative rise stem. The bars were chopped down so much, the shifters and brake levers barely fit.

I was mainly worried about having to sell the bike too cheap given the cool parts on it, plus I'd have to put in some money to make it road worthy to resell. It worked out better to part it out. Already recouped a good bit on the crank, rear derailleur, shifters, and stem.