For Sale: 1939 Shelby Traveler (reduced)

Oct 14, 2013
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Reduced: $275

For sale: 1939 Shelby Traveler mens bike (frame, forks, rain guards and chain guard). I bought it 4-5 years ago to complete my first project and never got around to it and just want to try and get my money back out of it. It's just been sitting in my garage. The paint is in good shape except for the chrome sections (2) and the chrome on the front forks is flaking off but not bad to be 80 years old). I tried to get a good picture of the serial number but I couldn't because of scratches/rubs. The chain guard mounting hardware is not original. I figure someone out there will appreciate it and will actually do the build. Asking $350 obo. Buyer to pay shipping. I'm glad to ship it however you prefer. I'm located in Charleston, SC.

I don't want to piece it out and will only sell it as a package.

I'm glad to provide any additional information or pics.




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