Fixed Gear "La Roquette"

Feb 26, 2017
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This is the fixed gear that I built last year, but I just discovered the scratch build section of the forum and thought that you guys might be interested.

Let me begin by saying that I HATE fixed gears and mostly the obnoxious "I'm better than you" hipstery culture surrounding them. Don't get me wrong, most of the guys riding them are cool, but the ones I knew were total losers. I decided I was going to build the ultmate neck breaker to show them!

It all began with some wonky drawings :

These were the baselines for the whole build. The second picture is my attempt at transfering my design onto an actual track bike to get the frame dimensions right.

Donor frame for the steering tube, I don't have the correct sized tubes to do that. Old pair of racing wheels.

Cutting and sizing the tubes for the fork. I measured a triangle then drew it on my workbench to act as a template/jig.

Laying down some welds

Here's the almost complete fork. I messed up the ends and had to redo them as the wheel would rub on the top part.

Testing the fork with my old frame to check for alignement.

First part of the frame, head angle is too tall. I recut it and rewelded it later.

Making good progress. The rear chainstays were a pain to make, and I ended up messing up a couple of times.

I didn't have the money for a custom wheelset so this si a pretty basic one. These are Mach1 430's laced to Velox hubs and Michelin Dynamic tyres.

Mating the rear fork to the front

Complete!! The last welds were straightforward.

Test build with random parts.

Time for some quality garage paint. Used pearl white paint with clear coat.

Final build!

Gotta say, rolling to school on this thing feels pretty good!

Thanks for reading :)

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