RRBBO13 Fat bob

Ok guys I'm done stalling. I had to wait on this crank puller to do full disassembly for paint... Didn't see it shipped directly from China. Now the bike build can begin!

Waiting for the new carb for the truck too. Besides the truck is inspiring the bike as they will match so kinda need to finish the truck to see how to duplicate it. Lol
Ok finally got some time to work on the bike... stripped it to the frame and shot it flat black greased everything and reassembled it. Still working on the front gears trying to get the first gear downshift dialed in. Other than that it rides just like new. Still gonna leave you in suspense about what else is going on this bike build to make it cool. So you all just got to wait and see.




Also more progress on the bike hauler I found the carburator has a stuck choke and rather than doing ordering a carb rebuild kit for $30 and taking a chance on loosing parts or getting it wrong and setting something on fire I just ordered a remanufactured carb off of ebay for $90 with free shipping and no core charge and now waiting on it to come in. Put new plugs in it (old ones looked original) and did an oil change and filter. Oil looked great but i always change it just out of good practice. Paint is mostly finished still need to do a few more coats of white on the roof and clean some overspray off the glass but it looks a million times better. Also found some really cool stuff on ebay for the truck build but have to wait on money. Lets just say portawalls, lowering kit, fuzzy dice, and airbrush stencils. Few more trips to my local junkyard are in the plans too. Door panels, cab trim pieces, headlight surround, a better seat, and a few other pieces.

Ok guys I'm out. This bike thing just isn't going as planned, I get very little time off work to do anything. I have too many other things on my plate, and not nearly enough time in the day. Also been having problems with theft in the area and had a spare wheel stolen from the back of my project truck and someone attempted to steal the bike last night but got as far as the cable lock went then dumped the bike and ran. I have lost my motivation to even mess with it. Not to mention money has been really tight lately. Maybe I'll finish it someday. Sorry guys.