RRBBO13 Fat bob

Well I'm back! Been really busy as of late with my job running the parts store 40 hours a week, restoring my chevy truck which is now coming together while being driven daily. And my time is freeing up. So i am thinking of a build modern interpretation of an oldschool bobber but with attitude. Pucked up this 26x3 mountain bike at a pawn shop pretty cheap so here we go.
Yeah i was fine, the Hyundai not so much. Got my insurance settlement and doing the work myself im going to save a bunch of money. Enough so that i bought another truck. Cost me $300 and a pistol. (It was a friend) so i got a 1981 GMC C1500 pickup with a straight 6 2wd. Going to be nice saving fuel in the buzzin' half dozen. Been really thinking of building it rat style. Patch the floor with old license plates, cover the seat with a Mexican blanket, flat black, red rims, whitewalls, drop it low, find an intake that holds 3 single barrel carbs, already has dual exhaust, then add some red and white pinstripe