Dutch Diamond

Mar 13, 2007

I found this 28 inch Gazelle frame,chopped about 5cm of the rearfork,
and bended the rear upwards so it only fits 26 inch wheels,resulting in a lowering of the frame and a radical alteration of its angles.

I will leave the frame unpainted,i added a 28 inch fork,skinny fenders,26 inch
wheels with coasterbrake,apehangers and a cruiser seat.
Great ride,totally silent,very sturdy i,ll keep it.

Im gonna paint the fork,i think,put on some cool pedals,a chainguard and if doable this chaindisc.
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That crank looks like a Chevy Impala.

I like your bike for its simplicity.
Mar 13, 2007
Thanks for the props people,
The sprocket is a Gazelle of course,which is a different animal then an impala isnt it?
In Amsterdam there is a frame like this about every 500 meters,
there must be thousands of them,they just refuse to die..
I like that its soldered as opposed to welded.
The subtlety of the mod gives it a "what the .... happened"look.

Here is a picture with the original bike behind it,to show the difference.
Sep 1, 2006
So. Florida
This a really cool! I like the short rear.
Would NEVER have thought it started out like the bike behind it in that photo. Wow, you have a GOOD imagination. (or vision, or whatever it's called) :D

Nice work.
Rat Royale
REC Elsewhere
Mar 13, 2007
finished bike

This is my finished bike,i put on a brooks saddle,a pair of 3g superslicks,
new pedals,headlight,carrier and chainguard.
I tried to keep it as minimal as possible,i have driven it for
a few hundred kms the last few months,its my daily ride.
Comfortable,fast and reliable,i love it!