Sep 26, 2013
Chicago IL,
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Had to take the "roll cage" off this Dragster because it was weighing me down now it just slices through the wind... Be the coolest & fastest kid in your neighborhood... Built by master garage (tinkerer) builder one of our own members Gary (XC204) Ross
1964 Schwinn "Typhoon"
3 Speed stick shift
Frame dropped 2.5"
Foot brake (that's right you read it correctly)
Powder coated black
Hand stitched seat
Don't let this one get away
$375 shipped in USA or lower price if picked up locally in Chicago or I can deliver by flat bed truck to the "Get-A-Grip" bike swap in Tennessee or Ann Arbor show in Detriot...

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Feb 2, 2016
Rating - 100%
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I can't believe this has not sold. A lotta cool for the buck....I hope I dont see it in Ann Arbor, last thing I need is another bike! :D
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