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I watched some guys using r/c rock crawlers at a local park recently. IF I were to get into r/c, I think that would be what I'd try. Looked fun. The up-close slow action and realistic movements seemed more enjoyable than lightning speed.
I highly recommend the WPL line they have tons of variety in parts and can be very capable if you upgrade it enough. They are also very affordable to get into. I have 4 so far and I love them. A ready to run crawler will run $40-$60, most upgrades are under $20, lots of groups on facebook, and they actually take feedback from the customers in developing new stuff.

There's everything from duece and a half military trucks, pickup trucks, Toyota FJ’s, and more with mostly interchangeable parts and upgrades, they also have full interiors so you can detail them nicely.

If you want any info I have several and can answer any questions and take pictures to show you.
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