Diamond Back Sand Streak S/N

Feb 9, 2019
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Jpromo, may know:
Cool cruiser/bmx/mtb crossover 5-speed in excellent condition. Owner said his family all went out one day and bought new bicycles together and this was his father's. Been ridden maybe 20 times since new and it looks about like it, just a little bit of scuffing on the chainguard decals.

All original except bars which were replaced when the ugly cruiser ones with the long foam grips deteriorated. Some nice vintage parts on it. Sugino cranks, suntour thumbshift and derailleur, aluminum Arayas. Only plans are switch out the cruiser seat, which isn't the ugliest and it's certainly not gel, with a leather Wrights I have laying around. Rides like new! All for 33$ :D

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