Devistar9 Rocket

Feb 8, 2011
Here's the 1998 Electra Rocket on a historic tour of downtown Lowell, Mass. After about 90-100 actual build hours over 2 months with plenty of issues its finally done! The polishing took quite a while (first bike I've ever built, or polished), but issues with the paint set me back well over a week. I ended up switching cranks, as my vintage Motobecane would not fit with its 52t chainring (frame is an MTB configuration), so I regrouped and polished the Shimano compact crank with a 46 chainring. It took 3 days to design and build 2 brackets for the rear caliper, which sits on the bike perfectly. The brakes are so effective it takes care not to lock the rear wheel! The BB7's leave plenty of adjustment for any imperfections, or misalignment that could occur in a custom set up, which is good if things don't go as planned. The custom headbage is embossed stainless steel. It was cut as a rocket, but the wrap of the wings distorts the image slightly. There are 3 metal craft beads embedded into the badge held in with epoxy. The badge is held on the bike with automotive molding tape.

1998 Electra Rocket frame (stripped, brushed, and polished by hand)
Custom Rustoleum paint work (lacquer, a total nightmare!!!)
Velocity Dyad rims
Shimano Alfine 8 speed IGH rear hub
Shimano Alfine rapidfire shifter
Shimano Alfine dyno front hub
Surly Singleator chain tensioner
Avid BB7 disc brakes
Custom rear disc caliper brackets
Vintage Shimano crank(brushed and polished by hand)
Wellgo platform pedals
Origin 8 chainring (stripped, textured, painted, and brushed by hand)
Shimano ultralight chain
Shimano sealed bottom bracket
Winwood Muddy carbon fork
Custom rocket headbadge (embossed stainless)
Origin 8 sealed headset
Ritchey Pro handlebars
Fyxation Urban tires (kevlar belted)
Fyxation grips and bar ends
Stop Flats tube protectors
Gyes leather spring saddle and saddle bag
Jagwire cables
Harrison Specialties billet bullet LED taillights
Custom taillight brackets (attached to original brake bosses)
Lumotech headlamp
A little blood and skin, lots of sweat, close to a few tears, and tons of swearing (I didn't throw anything this time, or at least that I can recall)! LOL Time to remodel my house, and restore my chrome Raleigh Rodeo muscle bike!

May 29, 2011
You packed a lot into a neat, attractive package. Good build. Looks factory fresh, but we know better!
May 2, 2011
Minneapolis, MN
Hey Oxyjansen,

Wow! 8)
I really like the bare metal polished frame with the spray black stripes!!
The orange works well (my wife's comment, and I agree)
Lots of cool details!
Great pics too.

Really nice build.
Feb 8, 2011
Thanx everyone, I really appreciate you complements! I got so few comments on the built thread I was afraid I was going to hear the crickets chirping at the end! LOL

This bike sat in my neighbors shop for 12 years! After mulling it over for at least 2 years I finally did a deal with him for the frame. I'm glad I did!
Feb 8, 2011
Bendix said:
little details like that chainring are what i enjoy most about the finished buildoffs! 8)
The silly thing about the chainring is it was a total mistake. I thought I had destroyed the ring entirely, and instead ended up with a technique to marble etch anodized aluminum parts! Thanx Easy Off!
Feb 8, 2011
d.rock said:

I WANNA RIDE IT! That thing looks fun! Super clean build, that bike looks quality. How's the ride quality and geometry feel? Really cool bike man. 8)
Thanx very much!

I took it out for the first pseudo ride today mostly to take pics. I'll preface my comments by saying I've had a Cannondale for 21 years, and despite the shifting being completely unpredictable its a really solid bike (about to be completely re-done). Anyway, the Rocket is probably equally as rigid, which I like. When the Alfine is dialed in shifting is super smooth, but its not staying dialed in for long, and needs occasional adjustment. The rear hub is a little noisier than I expected, and I think there is an initial break in period till it quiets down, and hopefully holds shift adjustment. I've heard it can go this way. For me the bike feels a bit heavy and sluggish, and I'm wondering if the break in of the rear hub coupled with the drag of the front dyno hub, and the wear in of the disc brakes is what I'm feeling. I'll ride it all this weak to see if things loosen up a bit. It probably has less than 8 miles on it thus far. The brakes are serious! Too much pressure to the rear and they lock right up! A few adjustments to the seat and I just about have my preferred riding position, or at least the one I'm used to. Everything is fully functional including the lights, and the bike is very solid. I'm looking forward to loosening things up a bit to see how it really feels into the future!
Feb 8, 2011
herr_rudolf said:
Totally different take on the cruiser frame. I like it. I love the wheel tire combo and, well all the little details this bike is loaded with. Cheers man!
Thanx man! When I saw the Fyxation tires come out I just had to have the orange ones! I really wanted a bike embellished in orange, but not overloaded, so fortunately there are plenty of companies offering mix and match colored parts to work with. Made it a little easier than having to paint everything.

Hey, by the way, I saw your finished bike, and it looks awesome! Really nice transition from a dumpster pic, to what looks like a brand new bike!
Feb 8, 2011
Petrohead said:
Man. Just WOW with this thing. I really want to take it for a cruise! Just screams high-end custom.
Seems everybody wants a ride! Too bad we're not all meeting up for a big awards ceremony! :)


Rollin' on 20's
Jul 22, 2007
New London, CT
I love this bike! It would be really cool if you can come down to Bike Fest this weekend so we can see it in person!

I missed seeing it when it was first posted, but I just love the way it looks. Good stuff!

Jan 23, 2011
Too bad we're not all meeting up for a big awards ceremony! :)[/quote]