Design elements or ideas you didn't use.

Sep 14, 2013
Bradley Illinoiz
I run thru many ideas before I settle on one. I often have two or three things going at once, bikes or guitars. Sometimes ideas or designs overlap. (I'd really like to build a guitar haulin' bike that uses the guitar as some of the form of the bike, and is removable) Sometimes I've used details from one hobby or trade in another, I'm also a RR modeler and a carpenter... So this MBBO I almost built a Star Wars themed bike, the Apollo styled frame I have would've featured panels along the rear clip that mimicked the vertical wings an a TIE Fighter, I thought about a black and white clone trooper paint scheme or a silver space worn finish... and it would have dovetailed with the release of the next movie too!
So, there's a couple ideas I've had that I haven't used yet. What about you all? Any ideas on the back burner that almost made the build off but for some reason or another, didn't make the cut?

Apr 18, 2015
central ohio
During BOTEN my first thought was a startrek themed tank bike,using the enterprise as a tank design.

Then I thought of a three wheel velo that looked like an x-wing from star wars.

I ended up going with the idea of building something Artemus Gordon would have ridden,I wanted Artemus to be steam powered but it wasn't in the budget.

I'd still like to build all three one day,also want to build a lightweight pedal powered camper.