Cycology Bicycles Cabin Fever Rat Rod Swap and Show!!!!

Jul 13, 2009
louisville, tn -earth
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FYI for all vending and attending when you enter the parking lot the parking spaces closest to the road are for parking and the field to the left of the shop are open to larger vehicles and those pulling trailers. If you have any questions before then, just message me here!
Sep 13, 2007
Northeast Alabama
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Hope everyone had a great time! That's a beautiful area you have there right at the foothills of the Smokey mountains. Maybe think about? Having a show in conjunction with the car show they have at Gatlinburg each year? You might have destination people show up that's not going to leave at 2:30? Your pretty much on the way in there from the south and I see a lot of the same vendors at car and bike events now. And another idea, what about a blindfolded wheel building contest? I'd enter it. Merely suggestions! Thanks!!!


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