Curved Odyssey, Final build

Feb 9, 2011
I started this build on July 15 not knowing if I could finish it. Today, Aug. 01 was picture time, so I made it!........
It starts out with a 1938 s t r e a m l i n e d frame painted to 1936 one year only colour specs. I went into this using only parts I had on hand using only NOS or repro add on parts. I gotta say I will never leave the painting to the last minute again as it created it own problems with slow drying (air dry enamel). I am re thinking baked on finish in the sun!! Being my first build, I have a ways to go.

I tried to tighten the chain, but even it seemed to want to curve?

Good thing for sod farms

One sixteenth of an inch clearance Clarance!

Third eye blind?

Field of..........

The first three letters are PER

Nearing the end

The End
I somehow missed this one.
I don't care about how rare a frame is, or how old, or even how much it is supposed te be worth. To me, what you've done to it, and how, to make it your own is what counts and I can tell you... this bike is absolutely gorgious. 8)

Not sure ...but it could very well disturb the balance in my carefully picked top 3...


I build stuff.
Jul 1, 2010
Roanoke Rapids, NC
Since this forum is open again, and since this frame is so "new" to so many people seeing it here, let me suggest something.

This is a cool frame and fork, but when I look at it I want to see something else. What if the fork started, instead of below the headtube, above it. Kep the same shape as the stock fork, but would go out further to match the arch of the rear, I think this would look really cool for someone to customize if they had the frame but no stock fork. Or, they could keep the stock fork and add a matching arch truss rod going out from the top to match the rear.

Anybody following me? I'm not suggesting it for this bike because this bike is done and awesome, but just thinking out loud.

Like this, kinda: