Countdown to Build Off 14 End...

I’m not sure if anyone else did one of these but just in case, here’s a countdown clock to the end of Build Off 14.

Click on the link...

Good luck to all builders.


EDIT: @Rat Rod Hope I got the time right, I used USA Central Time. If it's wrong let me know and I'll delete.
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Nov 24, 2012
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Rats!! Was trying to post my finished thread when it ended. Didn't realize it was over at 10....shoot.
I'm pretty sure that I'm not alone in thinking that you should get a mulligan here. This comp is as much about comradery, kindness and courtesy as it is about bike building. Anyone that has been participating at all this summer knows that there are no shenanigans with your entry. And the fact that you posted this just 4 minutes past the lock out is enough proof that it was a legitimate error.
Hopefully @Rat Rod will see this and agree. -Jim
Jul 10, 2015
where is the voting place to post pictures? I finished both a class 1 and class 2 bike before Sept 6 but I can't find where to post the finished pictures. Oh well
As far as I can see you are save. You opened a finished thread on both your builds. Now the first picture in the first posting will be taken by @kingfish254 and @Glen and then put together with all the other builds final pics into a voting thread...
So you have nothing to do then wait until the poll is opened...
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