Class 1 -The Raven, as Done as She's Gonna Get

Sep 3, 2015
Here she is in all her budget built, rattle canned, used parts glory. The Raven!

A little peeved the bue seat did not show up in time...but dems da brakes I guess....

Trek 20" cruiser frame
Odyssey Brakes
Duro 2.75 repop white wall slick
Duro waffle tread white wall at 1.75
Unknown Sissy, seat, bars, grips.
Generic speedo
Odyssey pedals
Dice Valce caps
BMX steam/neck scrounged from another bike we ad laying around
Custom rattle can paint by me
Wheelie Bar sourced from an online source that I payed way too much for.

I did not go according to my plan, not once. It did not turn out like I envisioned by a long shot. the paint was wrong, the seat was wrong, I went waaaay over budget....would I change a thing? Nope, we had a blast and the boy loves it. I'll add a proper photo with the blue seat when it arrives next week (he says optimistically)

The pictures are not up to par either, my daughter had to work and shes camera savvy...I am just an oaf with a camera on his phone so again...had to make due to meet the deadline...

And just for kicks, this is the bike he and I built for me...

I hope you enjoyed seeing the finished project as me and the boy had building it....thanks for looking.

Apr 14, 2015
Cool bike I alway like the father son project bikes . Great job guys . Who need a break when you can ride that fast .

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Mar 26, 2012
Maplewood, MN
Love those mags in motion! Also your flame job turned out very well. I will be anxious to see the blue seat on there....add and even more "stealth" look to this fine build!
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Sep 3, 2015
thanks you all! the build was a lot of fun. We learned a lot and even had success in creating ghost flames on the bike (not pictured) They are on the forks, I used fine line tape over a semi gloss finish and sprayed the gloss black down. Peeled the tape off, hit it with clear and there is just a hint of pin striped flames on the forks...

I have some ideas for out next build, that may include some fabrication, disk brakes and a gear shift....I've got a modern Schwinn Stingray the we refubished this past summer that might be a fun customization project....

thanks all for the positive comments and support along the way....
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