Class#1 - InViolet

Jul 1, 2014
Las Vegas Area
nice bright build,like the details and add ons,those tires scream "HELLO"
I Heard that exact same phrase a dozen times today! "HELLO" And, 'Cool Bike'

I posted new pics in the number one post. #AriaLasVegas

I am trying to pic top pic for the end.

I like 1, it is tall, has contrasting color pairs. Red/Green, Purple/Yellow, Black/White.

I like 2, it is just a cool, lucky shot. All I did was crop the side and post. Had to jump in the road at the circle exit, but worth the risk for the shots.

I like 3. Another lucky shot of the entire courtyard. InViolet is front amd center...





Building... riding...
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