(CLASS 1) Cheap Thrill

Jul 22, 2012
South Elgin, IL
Very nice and clean lookin Sting , i had one that looked just like that
and the color is very similar, it was sprayed with Model car paint
just curious, what type of paint you used ?

It's rattle can Krylon, the Metallics line. Cool paint and lays on pretty easy. Lots of cool colors and no silver base oat needed. Just get a good primer base coat nice and smooth then apply multiple light coats and top with Krylon Gloss clear. Just watch the clear with decals/stickers it is not friendly to all of those, test first.
Apr 14, 2015
The little stinger strikes back ! A lot of muscle packed it to a small punch !
I Like green & those gripes looks sweet on there . The white seat pops & make for a cool butt on a hot day

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Jul 22, 2012
South Elgin, IL
Thanks everyone, this was a no frills build that I really enjoyed collecting the parts for and putting together. Was able to let my son get it out for a nice ride the other day as the weather here was surprising warm and dry, very uncommon for December. My sons review of the ride, smooth, easy to pedal, and quick.

What's amazing is even sitting in front of the house, the attention these old Banana seat bikes get, people driving by slow up to look, people walking by many times stop to ask questions, or tell me a story if I am out there, what a fun hobby this is!

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