Change out forks ?

Jul 27, 2014
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I have standard forks on my Felt Cruiser and I want to install el Guapo triple tree forks.

QUESTION #1: What bearings, caps or other parts do I need to do this?

The main threadless tubes appear to be 1 1/8 - QUESTION #2: so can I just reuse the bearings that were on the regular forks on the triple tree?

Searching on line wasn't a lot of help - as its either stupid easy and I am really overthinking this or there is something that everyone assumes people who attempt this KNOW...

Also, once I size up the length on the forks to the 24" tire, and then slip the threadless tube into the frame -

QUESTION #3: Does the top bracket get seated all the way down to the top of the cap and cut off excess triple tube?

QUESTION #4: Or do I use spacers and leave excess triple tubes sticking up?

Yeah, I am very new at this!

From this:
(my Felt Red Baron)

Plus this:
(Felt el Guapo forks from Motostrano)

Hopefully something like this:



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Isn't the Felt fork you have 1 1/8"? I am willing to bet that it is. If so, everything will be a direct swap. Install the head tube and see where it is. Usually there is an excess so you can either use spacers to lift the neck higher or mark it and cut the excess off. Before you cut it you should push the star nut down past the cut mark about a half inch (taps with a hammer and drift) or knock it out after you cut and reinstall. Once you install the fork legs you can loosen the outer bolts and adjust the total fork length to where ever you want (do it with the wheel installed to insure everything is straight). Mark the legs where they need to be cut then take them back off and run them through the chop saw.
Jul 27, 2014
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Thanks IChopTop! Yep, both are 1 1/8 - I was wondering about the re-using the same bearings.

I was looking at Crane Creek - and sized it up with the 10.EC34.Complete - I don't mind spening the money, but really don't have a clue bout "PRESSING RACES" and whether or not I need a RACE SETTER and a HEADSET PRESS TOOL ?
Feb 19, 2011
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Yeah, like Ichoptop said, you won't need any special tools...just an allen wrench and probably a hacksaw to cut the new fork's steerer down to the proper size.
You'll need to remove the crown race from the old fork (there's a special tool for that, but i tend to tap it off carefully with a hammer and a flathead) and install it on the new fork (there's a special tool for that, too, but I tend to ram it down with some pipe and a PVC coupler I use exclusively for that job.)
Cut the steerer so there's just a few mm gap between the top of the steerer and the top of the this:
In fact, check out the park site for specific/detailed info.... just keep in kind that they're a tool company, so it'll be big on selling you tools...
You won't need to mess with the cups, and you won't need to mess with the bearings, either, beyond making sure you don't lose them. There's a chance you'll need a few extra 1.125" spacers (but just as likely, you won't need them, dependin how you cut the tube) and I'd suggest getting a new star nut; they don't grip as well if they're removed and reused...)