Buzz-ard Bike

Dec 2, 2007
Fresno, Ca.
I originally found this one on Craigslist over a year ago and decided to stash it away and wait for this years MBBO. It was restored some years back but then parted out before I acquired the frame/fork and various other parts. I ended up tossing the original fork in the dumpster (after killing it good & dead) because it wouldn't properly seat. Fortunately I had a suitable replacement off a parted out Schwinn Fairlady and as a bonus the blues are nearly identical. I found the seat and sissy bar on Facebook in separate deals, the rest of the parts were unearthed from my supersecret stash™.

Here's a list of the junk I used....................

NOS Troxel shorty banana seat
Stock Murray seat post bent to accommodate the shorter seat
Vintage 48" sissy bar
NOS Goodyear Grasshopper slick
Schwinn fork, front wheel, bars and stem from a '68 Fairlady
NOS Hunt Wilde grips and checkered flag valve caps

MBBO 2017 - 5.JPG

MBBO 2017 - 6.JPG

MBBO 2017 - 7.JPG

And a shot with my other entry the Beater Slick:

MBBO 2017 - 10.JPG