Building FOR a mountain bike

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After being linked to this video I got inspired.

Pallet timber, a few off cuts from around the house, few screws, but of glue and an afternoon of work and ....

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Cool use of pallets. I like it. I built a group therapy deer blind out of pallets, "Buckingham Pallets". We have these teeter totters for a few years now on some sections of our trails. I have also run across them in what they are calling Mountain Bike Parks, they have lots of board walk stuff, jumps, whoop de dos, high banked corners, narrow elevated bridges and of course teeter totters. I bypass the whoop de dos since my friend crashed on a super steep downhill do and ended out having his hip X-rayed. They changed it so it is less steep but I don't like the look of it still. I see people go over them and quit on the steep dos.