Aug 9, 2008
When the voting is completed, is it possible to find out how many votes each bike got? That would be interesting, plus, I'm really curious if my bike will get any votes. ;) ha ha
Apr 22, 2008
sensor said:
well okay i intensionally misspelled it.........i think you all know what i was getting at anyway :roll:
and thanks
I figured you did but couldn't pass on the opportunity to smash Tokyo! I have a 6 year old nephew and have picked up such phrases as "what in the flim flam", and the like.
Scott 8)
Nov 30, 2006
sacramento, ca
sorry to hear about your loss sensor been wondering where you have been. and steve i like this voting system as well. being able to vote for 3 bikes really should tighten up the voting and could we come up with something where a person voting cant see the results before they vote?
Sep 21, 2007
ICT, Kansas
WOW! What a great show. The bikes are all a great contribution to one of our favorite pastimes. To see and learn about their fabrication and assembly, and the problems overcome, on a venue like RRB so that we all can expand our idea and knowledge base, is a wonderful thing. Can you imagine what the next batch of rat bikes are going to look like???
Thank You, Rat Rod, and all of the RRB members for the show.

Oh yea, and the photography of the finished bikes has been outstanding. Good job.

Dangerous Dan
Aug 9, 2008
I've got my 3 picks chosen! Man, that was hard. I ended up having to really pick over the details on some of the bikes before I could choose. 58 bikes is a lot to only pick 3 favorites. It did help picturing myself cruising the bikes and which ones I'd want to own and possibly build a bike of my own after a similar theme.
58 really cool bikes!
I had a lot of fun again building a bike for this build off even though it kinda caught me off guard. The bike I built is somewhat of a looker, but I ended up building the best riding bike since this craziness all started for me 15 years ago. I can't wait to get my house back in shape so I can clean up my workshop and I really take the time to put the finishing touches it deserves. These are great times we live in boys and girls, we're crazy ratters roaming the earth...with cool bikes. :mrgreen: Awesome work by everyone, can't wait to see what comes out of the next one.
Feb 14, 2008
really too bad the other 36 bikes didn't make it. they were nice builds. hope they get finnished so we all can see the finnish ride. it will probably take Steve a little time to post all the pic's and get it ready to vote. good luck Steve. awsome bikes and yes it was hard to pick. wish i could pick em all.

Outlaw 8)

Rat Rod

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Head Honcho
Dec 31, 1969
Thank you for your patience, all of our operators are busy at this time.... :mrgreen:

Been waiting for everyone to give me their money shots.

Hoping to have the finished bike gallery built tomorrow and then maybe start the voting tomorrow evening.

The last few times we really rushed through the voting system and people got left out and there was some confusion.

Trying not to hurry through it this time to keep the mistakes to a minimum.

I'll send out a mass email when the voting begins.
Aug 9, 2008
No worries. Take your time man. We're just eager to see the outcome. Little kids at Christmas. ;0
Aug 9, 2008
Dude that too excited to sleep commercial totally pegged my wife dead on. We're going to dland next week for not one, but two days. ;0 So yeah, we can't wait to vote.
Nov 30, 2006
sacramento, ca
i like waitting a bit till the voting starts. we can all calm down take a breath and sit back and take a good long look at each other's bikes. only thing i wish is that we were all in one place there are a few bikes done in this build off i would love to see up close and see how somethings were done. like gold digger is a stunning bike up close and i was amazed at the quality of his work. mike you did a great job. and that goes for sensor too he is a better man than i to do a fixie but he made it happen. well done by all now just relax and let steve do his thing. i can say for one i already submitted my pic to him :mrgreen:
Dec 14, 2007
Austin, TX
The weather looked to be perfect all day so I rode DevilWing to work today, it was a lot of fun. But then an hour or so after I got here, I looked out the window and suddenly it looked like a hurricane was coming through. I checked the weather report and it said that there was a thunderstorm warning! I ran outside and unlocked my bike from the bike rack and moved it close the the building under the awning, just before we started to get hammered with rain. Normally I wouldn't sweat a little bit of rain on my regular commuter bike. But this is a lot of chrome and a leather saddle. The rain looks like it will keep going for another few hours... I am just hoping that I miss it on the ride home. Stupid weather!