Brass Monkey (new-old bars)

Re: Brass Monkey (update 7-24)

Okay, finally got around to the patina on the frame and forks.

It was a multi-step process. 1. The "secret sauce" It starts the rust on the bare metal, but more importantly it gives the paint an aged, grungy look.

2. Salt and vinegar is sprayed on and left to dry, and the frame is rinsed with water. Instant rust!

3. It is all steel wooled, which removes the loose rust. I then used commercially available gun blue to darken the metal.

4. I waxed it all, which not only protects the patina and paint, but also brings out the color. And gives a nice sheen!

That's it for now. Once I get my "new" handlebars I'll install them with another stem which is a little rustier and switch to some black grips, and she'll be close to DONE.
Apr 22, 2008
Re: Brass Monkey (patina time!!!)

I like the chips idea!
On mine I just stripped it down to bare metal and left it outside for about 10 years. much less work but has a nice natural feel to it.
I guess your way works too if you're in a hurry :mrgreen:
looks really great, you may have to patent and bottle your secret sauce, I even like the name "secret sauce"
Scott 8)
Re: Brass Monkey (patina time!!!)

Here you go......I couldn't hold out anymore. These aren't the handlebars I'll be running, but for now they'll do.

The hand-formed brass tank.

Love that fender!!!

As soon as I get the other bars I'll put the finishing touches on it. Suggestions? Comments? Concerns???
Sep 27, 2007
sac. valley
Re: Brass Monkey (patina time!!!)

thanks for posting those!looks great :mrgreen: and also thanks for the salt&vinager tip(might have to use that on my tank...its gonna need a ton of aging)