BO Regulars sitting this one out and the reasons why...

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Nov 24, 2012
The Tropics of Alabama
OK, I know this is for explaining why regulars are not participating, but even though I'm in, I was almost in this group. So here's my reason...

I had intended to sit this one out due to time constraints. Last years build took every day that I could squeeze in out of the three month build period. This year I have several home improvement projects that need my attention and a very involved commission for a sculpted church sign in the queue leaving very little time to build a bike.

However, I changed my mind sometime last month after production started on my new TRM Christy Saddles. I decided that it would be a great opportunity to show the saddle on a rat bike so I reluctantly jumped in. It's doubtful that I will even finish, so I guess you could say that I'm half in and half out.


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Jan 31, 2011
Leesburg, VA
Promised myself I'd ride more than build this year. Been immersing myself into the BMX world, and learning just how out of shape, inflexible and easily winded I am. Don't let anyone tell you differently - riding a BMX bike - poorly or otherwise - is hard to do. Can't do a single trick yet, but I'm getting close to my first real manual. It's more than just riding. It's practice and setting goals and what the BMX world calls progression - progress. It's a nice way to get lost after a frustrating day at work. I should add, these modern bikes so thoroughly out-perform my beloved Sting-Rays it's not even funny. I'm still old and clunky, though.


Nov 18, 2007
Somebodies got to say it.....To many build offs, to close together. In the beginning there was one yearly build off, and occasionally a minor themed build off. EVERYONE looked forward to "THE" RRBBO, doesn't seem that way anymore. If your into Muscle bikes, why enter the yearly build off, wait for the MBBO. Having just finished the WBO that had over 100 entries, and then another RRBBO, a month later, I can understand why participation is "low". As everyone knows a BO is a lot of work, and sometimes money. If I had returned to this site in January, and entered the WBO, I doubt that I'd be entered in this BO. To many, to close.


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Jan 15, 2016
Don't know if I'd be considered an RRB regular yet but...

I've got too many maintenance projects that I've put off for too long! Fence posts that need to be replaced, house painted, exterior door refinishing, landscaping, etc, etc. All outdoor projects that require warmer weather to at least make tolerable. Most of the work done on my builds to date happens inside, in the basement. Perfect when it's snowing and below freezing outside. Less enjoyable when it's in the 80's and sunny. And, warmer weather and sunny days perfect for rides are at a premium in Michigan. Can't spend all of them working on one project or another!

Never say never though. As the summer sets in and if I can make enough headway on the maintenance project backlog I may jump off the sideline!
May 2, 2011
I dont have enough cool stuff to even be remotely in it. And those who know me know im competitive when it comes to build offs. Id love to shoot for a third crown but i dont have what it would take at the moment.

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Ive seen cool builds using vacuum cleaners . You can make a bike cool if you look around the house long enough.
Apr 18, 2015
central ohio
I agree with @KOTA on this, I've been doing all the build offs since I joined the site.
Admittedly, I'm a bit burned out on bikes (IE: bolting parts together as I always do.)

But I think finally firing up the welder and building the recumbent heap I just finished lit a small fire. Plus, my wife kept asking when I would start my hubless build.

The main build off seemed a good a time as any to start, but I'm not going to stress the deadline. If I don't make it, who cares.
Besides, yes. I really do have to many bikes and want them all gone except 3.

I do enjoy building the whole bike tho, random motivation taught me that. But I think I'll slow it down a bit on quantity.
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