BMX Tire Seating ?

Aug 16, 2007
Klamath Falls,OR
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I'm having issues getting my rear tire to seat on my Diamondback's Z-rim. I've tried every trick I know to no avail! :x Is there maybe something I could spray on the wheel to help? Or could the tire just be streached out? :? Any input would be greatly appreciated!
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use diluted washing-up liquid all over the rim, tube and tyre and inflate slowly. every now and then roll the complete wheel/tyre along the ground, also working around the tyre with boths hand 'massaging' it onto the rim with the of aim keeping the bead in place.

also check the bead of the tyre to make sure that it isn't kinked or out of shape, this will hinder correct seatng. generally this can be corrected by bending it back in place by hand.

if the tyre want's to pop-off whilst you're slowly inflating, stop putting air in and force the bead back in place by hand. once done, continue inflating - this might happen a few times (like cheap nokian tyres on cheap rims - they were just fractional too big!)

hopefully this should do it, thought some tyres just won't seat properly!

if the tyre's real tight, then use plenty (4+) of tyre levers, making sure as you're hooking the bead on with one hand, and a lever is in place to prevent the other portion of the bead from migrating around the rim (this lever might be kept in place by being pressed against your leg). whilst doing so try to keep the bead that isn't yet on in the centre of the rim - which usually is of a slightly smaller diameter, so helping to roll the tyre on. i don't envy you!

i took the above photo 2 years ago at the FBI meet in amsterdam, that tyre took 6 men and 8 levers to get on, all without damaging the anodising on the rim! not good!

don't forget to wash off the detergent when you're done.

all the best,